Chipping Norton Town Council

Chipping Norton Town Council have sixteen Town Councillors one of them being the Town Mayor. The Town Mayor is elected annually by the Town Councillors. Town Councillors are in post for a four year term.

Chipping Norton Town Council are responsible for the Town Hall, the War Memorial, the Closed Churchyard at St. Marys Church, Church Street, the Worcester Road Cemetery, four recreation grounds in the town at the moment, Pool Meadow, Greystones recreation grounds, litter bins and grit bins in the town.

The Town Council have the following committee meetings to cover the areas which they are responsible for.

​​Finance & General Purposes
​​Cemetery & Pool Meadow
​​Town Hall & Publicity
​​Grants to Voluntary Bodies
​​Health & Safety
​​Mayoral Selection

A Town Council meeting is held on every third Monday of the month at 7.15 pm in the Council Chamber, the Town Hall. Anybody wishing to attend the meetings are welcome to sit at the back of the room to listen, they will not be able to take part in discussion at the meeting.

If a resident of the town wishes to speak at the meeting on a topic which will be an agenda item, the person must apply in writing at least three working days prior to the meeting. The person will be invited to speak under Public Participation on the agenda.

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