Town Council Agenda

I hereby give notice that a meeting of the Chipping Norton Town Council will be held in the Council Chamber, The Town Hall, Chipping Norton on Monday 19th January 2015 at 7.15 pm.


1. Minutes of the Council Meeting held on 15th December 2014.
2. Public Participation.
3. Apologies for absence.
4. Declaration of interests.
5. Mayoral Announcements.
6. Oxfordshire County Council
To receive information from the County Councillor if present.
7. West Oxfordshire District Council
To receive information from the District Councillors if present.
8. Planning
(a) To receive the minutes of the planning committee meetings held on 17th December 2014 and 15th January 2015.
(b) Applications received.
(c) Decisions.
9. The Town Clerk’s Report
(a) Imprest Account for December 2014
(b) General Account: Accounts for payment as at 19th January 2015.
(c) Correspondence received.
10. Honorary Citizen
To sign and seal the Stint for Mrs. B. Hicks, Honorary Citizen.
11. Town Hall Committee
To receive the minutes of the Town Hall Committee held on 9th January 2015.
12. H & S Committee
To receive the minutes of the Health & Safety Committee held on 15th January 2015.
13. Experience Chipping Norton
14. WW1 memorial and funding
15. 2624 Squadron Royal Auxiliary Air Force Regiment based at Brize Norton
16. Police Station
17. Neighbourhood Plan
18. Update from PCSO

Added on January 19th 2015