Minutes – 21st September 2020

At the Council Meeting held remotely due to restrictions imposed by government because of the COVID-19 pandemic, pursuant to notice on Monday 21 September 2020 at 7.15pm via Zoom, the following members were present: –

Cllr G Mazower, Town Mayor

Cllr S Coleman, Deputy Mayor

Cllr R Benfield

Cllr N Bradley

Cllr L Carter

Cllr J Graves

Cllr D Heyes

Cllr M Jarratt

Cllr R Poole

Cllr L Tuckwell

Cllr M Tysoe

Cllr M Walker


OCC Cllr H Biles

WODC Cllr M Cahill

WODC Cllr L Carter

WODC Cllr G Saul


Officers:  Janet Eustace, Locum Town Clerk

Louise Steele, LCRC

K Linnington, Deputy Town Clerk

Others:  Inspector Hookham and Amanda Ponsonby, High Sheriff (item 7493) and 7                                           Members of the Public

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Added on October 14th 2020