Minutes – 19th April 2021

Minutes of a meeting of Chipping Norton Town Council held online by ZOOM video conferencing
system on Monday 19th April, 2021 at 7.15 pm.
The following members were present:
Cllr. G. Mazower, Town Mayor
Cllr. S. Coleman, Deputy Mayor
Cllr. N. Bradley
Cllr. C Butterworth
Cllr. J. Graves
Cllr. D. Heyes
Cllr. R. Poole
Cllr. L Tuckwell
Cllr. M. Walker
Cllr. H Biles (OCC)
Cllr. G Saul (WODC)
Also in attendance:
Luci Ashbourne, Town Clerk
Kay Linnington, Deputy Town Clerk
Louise Steele (Local Government Resource Centre), Locum Clerk

To download the minutes click here

Added on May 12th 2021