At the Council Meeting held, pursuant to notice on Monday 17th February 2020 at 7.15 pm in the Council Chamber, the Town Hall, the following members were present: –
Cllr. D. Davidson, Town Mayor
Cllr. M. Walker, Deputy Mayor
Cllr. R. Benfield
Cllr. N. Bradley
Cllr. G. Brown
Cllr. C. Butterworth
Cllr. L. Carter
Cllr. S. Coleman
Cllr. E. Coles,
Cllr. J. Graves
Cllr. D. Heyes
Cllr. M. Jarratt,
Cllr. G. Mazower
Cllr. R. Poole
Cllr. L. Tuckwell
Cllr. M. Tysoe

Officer: Mrs J. Sparrowhawk, Town Clerk

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Added on March 11th 2020