Town Council Minutes

At the Council Meeting held, pursuant to notice on Monday 20th October 2014 at 7.15 pm in the Council Chamber, the Town Hall, the following members were present: –
Cllr. M. Tysoe, Town Mayor
Cllr. C. Butterworth, Deputy Mayor
Cllr. Mrs. S. Bartholomew
Cllr. R. Benfield
Cllr. A. Corfield
Cllr. D. Davidson
Cllr. Mrs. J. Graves
Cllr. D. Heyes
Cllr. M. Jarratt
Cllr. M. Walker

Officer: The Town Clerk

6386 – The minutes of the meeting held on the 15th October 2014 – were approved and signed at the meeting.
6387 –  Public Participation
Mr. B. Vanheems, NHP Project Officer was in attendance to bring the Town Councillors present up to date on the NHP.
Cllr. D. Davidson, Mr. B. Vanheems and Mr. N. Mottram had visited Chipping Norton School and had received some very good feed-back from some of the students which would be fed into the CNNP document.
Cllr. C. Butterworth stated that the Chipping Norton’s NHP document,’ Looking forward, Stepping Back,’ was being used by Locality.
6388 – Apologies for absence – had been received from Cllrs. Ms. A. Roy-Barker, Mrs. E. Coles,
M. Dixon, Mrs. S. Wilkes and C. Watson.
6389 – Declaration of interests
Cllr. D. Davidson declared an interest in the item 10 on the agenda, as he was Chairman of the Chipping Norton Youth Club and had applied for grant funding.
6390 – Mayoral Announcements
The Mayoral Announcements had been circulated with the Town Council agenda showing the functions which the Mayor had attended since the previous Town Council meeting.
The Mayor announced the following reminders: –
Help The Heroes Sponsored walk 2/11/14
Remembrance Sunday Service 9/11/14
Remembrance Day at the War Memorial 11/11/14
Organisations Day 24/01/15
Mayors Ball 18/04/15
Mrs. Betty Hicks was delighted in being awarded the title of Honorary Citizen to Chipping Norton. A date had been arranged for the event, Sunday 11th January 2015.

The Mayor stated that filming and videoing at meetings had now been passed by the government. The Standing Orders would be amended accordingly and handed out to all Town Councillors.
6391 – Oxfordshire County Council
County Cllr. Mrs. H. Biles was not present at the meeting.
6392 – West Oxfordshire District Council
Cllr. G. Saul reported the following: –
Aldi Planning Application
Cllr. G. Saul reported that the amended Aldi planning application had been granted by WODC at a meeting held on 6.10.14. The amendment was due to not being able to obtain the land for a footpath which would have linked the London Road through to the Banbury Road. It had been decided that £35,000.00 would go to OCC so that they would improve accessibility for the users of Aldi.
In the meantime OCC would continue to negotiate with Country Estates to try and get the covenant lifted off the area desired for the footpath.
The Town Council agreed to write a letter to County Estates to back OCC in their negotiations.
On 9.10.14 WODC granted planning permission for seven hundred houses to be built at Carterton. It was reported that with this big development this would assist WODC to meet the housing land supply requested by the government.
Web Site
WODC were improving their web site.
Cllr. L. Carter reported on the following: –
Parking on the side of Worcester Road
It was reported that the police had been ticketing residents who had parked on the grass verges and across the pavements on the Worcester Road, Chipping Norton.
Cllr. Mrs. G. Graves reported that two issues had been raised at the recent Traffic Advisory Committee meeting on speeding and car parking problems on the Worcester Roads.
Two flashing speed awareness signs were going to be installed where appropriate on this road.
It had been reported that levels of crime were down in West Oxfordshire.
6393 – Planning
(a) The Minutes of the Planning Committee meeting held on 16th October 2014 – were received at the meeting.
(b) Applications Received
Council decided to make the observations set out under the heading ‘comments’ on
Appendix A – 20th October 2014, planning applications 4081and 4082.
(c) Decisions
There were no WODC planning decisions at variance to the Town Council’s decisions to report.
6394 Town Clerk’s Report
Council approved the following payments: –
(a) Imprest Account for September 2014: £7,981.69.
(b) General Account: Accounts for payment as at 20th October 2014: £25,359.81.
(c) Correspondence Received
West Oxfordshire District Council
Planning System
The Town Clerk reported that she had been to a meeting at WODC with Cllr. A. Corfield to be briefed on the changes due to happen with WODC’s planning system.
WODC were looking for front runners to assist in receiving planning applications electronically. WODC had demonstrated the process to obtain the planning applications, how to display them and also to obtain extra information which had never been received before by Town and Parish Councils. This would be a better way of keeping up to date with current information.
WODC would assist in setting up the process, training staff and also help purchase any equipment which would be required to be able to achieve this process.
The Town Council agreed to be a front runner with WODC.
Charter Market
Ron Spurs, WODC had contacted the Town Clerk and asked if the Town Council would be prepared to take on the running of the Wednesday Charter market in the town.
A meeting had been arranged to go through the details further. Cllr. M. Jarratt and
Cllr. Mrs. J. Graves had offered to attend the meeting with the Town Clerk.
Fibreworks, Chipping Norton
The directors of The Fibreworks had written to the Town Council to notify the Town Councillors in advance of the Fibre Festival planned for Saturday 23rd May 2015.
They were planning to hold the festival more along the lines of a wool fair in Middle Row where Cotswold sheep and lambs would be in a pen, spinning demonstrations etc. would take place.
Planters in Middle Row
The Town Clerk reported that she had undertaken a consultation with business in Middle Row to seek their views on the provision of two wooden planters to be installed a third of the way into Middle Row at each end. All businesses approached had thought that this was a good idea as long as deliveries could still take place.
A quotation to supply the planters had been obtained from Oxford Planters at a cost of £850.00 each.
The Town Mayor reported that Cllr. Mrs. H. Biles was consulting with OCC further on this matter.

Cllr. R. Benfield left the meeting at 8.15 pm.
6395 – GTVB Committee
The Council received the minutes of the GTVB Committee meeting held on
6th October 2014.
The Mayor reported that the committee had decided to award £250.00 extra at the GTVB meeting.

6396 – Town Hall Committee
The Council received the minutes of the Town Hall Committee meeting held on
10th October 2014.
It was reported that a new Town Council web site was being developed.
The oil painting of Thomas Mace was hanging back in place at the Town Hall after being restored.
The large oil painting of Matilda Maud Brassey was now away being restored.
6397 – Neighbourhood Plan
Cllr. C. Butterworth reported that three public consultations had to take place during the process of the NHP, two had already been undertaken.
6398 – Police Station
The Mayor reported that a public meeting had recently been held on the future of the Police Station and the Museum. Over one hundred people had attended the meeting.
After discussion and debate a vote had taken place of the majority for the idea of purchasing the police station and possibly housing the museum.
The Mayor reported that a resident of Chipping Norton had approached him and had stated that if Town Council purchased the Police Station he may be interested in renting the whole of the building on a commercial basis.
6399 – Update from PCSO
There were no police present at the meeting to update the Town Council on local issues.
6400 – Honorary Citizen
The Mayor had reported on the Honorary Citizen under his Mayoral Announcements.

The meeting closed at 8.35 pm.

Added on October 20th 2014