Town Council Minutes

At the Council Meeting held, pursuant to notice on Monday 15th December 2014 at 7.15 pm in the Council Chamber, the Town Hall, the following members were present: –
Cllr. M. Tysoe, Town Mayor
Cllr. C. Butterworth, Deputy Mayor
Cllr. Mrs. S. Bartholomew
Cllr. R. Benfield
Cllr. Mrs. E. Coles
Cllr. D. Davidson
Cllr. M. Dixon
Cllr. D. Heyes
Cllr. M. Jarratt
Cllr. Ms. A. Roy-Barker
Cllr. M. Walker

Officer: The Town Clerk

6420 The minutes of the meeting held on the 17th November 2014 – were approved and signed at the meeting.
6421 Public Participation
There had been no requests for public participation.
6422 Apologies for absence – had been received from Cllrs. Mrs. S. Wilkes, Mrs. J. Graves and
T. Hasan.
6423 Declaration of interests
Cllr. M. Dixon declared an interest in planning application 4794, The Manor House as he was a neighbour.
6424 Mayoral Announcements
The Mayoral Announcements had been circulated with the Town Council agenda showing the functions which the Mayor had attended since the previous Town Council meeting.
The Mayor reminded the Town Councillors of the following dates: –
Organisations Day 24th January 2015
Mayor’s Ball 18th April 2015
Quad Bike Training for snow clearing 21st December 2014 at 10 am, New Street car park
6425 Oxfordshire County Council
County Cllr. Mrs. H. Biles was not present at the meeting.
6426 West Oxfordshire District Council
Cllr. Mrs. E. Coles reported the following: –
New Street Bring Site/Side Waste
Cllr. D. Harvey was looking into the percentages of fly tipping in the District.

Bulky Waste
The cost for bulky waste collections was going up from £18.20 to £25.00 which entitles up to four pieces of bulky waste to be collected.
Cllr. Mrs. E. Coles reported that if this cost was cheaper there may not be so much fly tipping in the District.
Bins on Footpaths
A concern had been raised at the meeting on wheelie bins being left permanently on footpaths i.e. Albion Street, Spring Street, Fox Close, Hailey Avenue.
Cllr. Mrs. E. Coles would follow this up with the District Council and Cottsway Housing Association.
Cllr. G. Saul reported the following: –
WODC’s Budget
WODC had published their draft budget which showed that WODC were not increasing their budget for the financial year 2015/16.
District Councillors would not be receiving any increases for the next financial year.
The Guildhall rent had been brought up at budget making time but this had been dismissed by WODC members.
Cllr. Mrs. L. Carter reported on the following: –
Social Economic Committee
WODC would be funding £40,000.00 towards Domestic Violence in 2016/17.
Cuts had been announced for the Children’s Centres in the District.
The Town Council agreed to write a letter to the Hon. Rt. David Cameron and to Ian Hudspeth, OCC to fight against cuts on Children’s Centres in the District.
6427 Planning
(a) Applications Received
Council decided to make the observations set out under the heading ‘comments’ on
Appendix A – 15th December 2014, planning applications 4087 – 4094.
(c) Decisions
There were no WODC planning decisions at variance to the Town Council’s decisions to report.
6428 Town Clerk’s Report
Council approved the following payments: –
(a) Imprest Account for November 2014: £6,539.40.
(b) General Account: Accounts for payment as at 15th December 2014: £15,887.26.
(c) Correspondence Received
Street Name
WODC had received an application to officially address the new development at the former Penhurst School site.
The suggestion received was proposing the new name of Buchanan Gardens for the new street name and name the building known as Monks Dene as Buchanan House after John Buchanan who had been raised at Penhurst School.
The Town Councillors present discussed the proposal and decided that the street name should be Penhurst and the building should remain as Monks Dene. The Town Council suggested calling the care home Buchanan House.
6429 F & GP Committee
The Council received the minutes of the F & GP Committee meeting held on
10th December 2014.
The Town Councillors discussed the budget figures for 2015/16 which had been made available at the meeting.
Cllr. D. Davidson proposed that the Town Council approved the budget figures for 2015/16. Cllr. M. Jarratt seconded the proposal. A vote was taken on the proposal and the outcome was a unanimous vote of all in favour of an increase on the town precept of approximately eight percent.
Mr. S. Oliveri was at the meeting and gave a presentation of the new Town Council web site.
The Town Councillors thanked Mr. S. Oliveri for producing the web site.
6430 2624 Squadron Royal Auxiliary Air Force Regiment based at Brize Norton
The Mayor reported that approximately fifty members of the 2624 Squadron Royal Auxiliary Air Force had attended the towns Remembrance Sunday.
It was reported that the 2624 Squadron had seemed to have adopted Chipping Norton.
The Mayor suggested offering them Freedom of the Town so that the Town Council had a connection with the military.
It was decided to have some thought on this proposal therefore the Town Council would discuss this item at the January Town Council meeting.
6431 Neighbourhood Plan
It was reported that a copy of the draft NHP was being health checked at the moment and then afterwards would be sent off to be examined by a Professor at Brookes University, Oxford.
After being examined the final plan would then be sent to WODC to make comments.
Cllr. C. Butterworth was hoping that the final plan would be sent to WODC by late January 2015. Then there would be a six week wait before a referendum.
The CNNP committee were hoping that the referendum would be held on the same day as the general election on May 7th 2015.
6432 Update from PCSO
There were no police present at the meeting to update the Town Council on local issues.

The meeting closed at 8.16 pm.

Added on January 19th 2015