Town Council Minutes

At the Council Meeting held, pursuant to notice on Monday 17th November 2014 at 7.15 pm in the Council Chamber, the Town Hall, the following members were present: –

​​Cllr. M. Tysoe, Town Mayor
​​Cllr. C. Butterworth, Deputy Mayor
​​Cllr. R. Benfield
​​Cllr. Mrs. E. Coles
​​Cllr. A. Corfield
​​Cllr. D. Davidson
​​Cllr. M. Dixon
​​Cllr. D. Heyes
​​Cllr. M. Jarratt
​​Cllr. Ms. A. Roy-Barker
​​Officer: The Town Clerk

6401​ – The minutes of the meeting held on the 20th October 2014 – were approved and signed at the meeting.
6402​ – Public Participation
​There had been no requests for public participation.
6403 – ​Apologies for absence – had been received from Cllrs. Mrs. S. Wilkes, C. Watson,
​Mrs. J. Graves, Mrs. S. Bartholomew, T. Hasan and M. Walker.
6404 – ​Declaration of interests
​There were no declarations of interest.
6405​ – Mayoral Announcements
The Mayoral Announcements had been circulated with the Town Council agenda showing the functions which the Mayor had attended since the previous Town Council meeting.
The Mayor reminded the Town Councillors of the following dates: –
​Organisations Day​​24th January 2015
​Mayor’s Ball​​​18th April 2015
6406 – ​Oxfordshire County Council
​County Cllr. Mrs. H. Biles reported on the following: –
​C/N Hospital and Care Home
​Cllr. Mrs. Biles reported that she was very happy that everything was going well with the ​arrangements at C/N Hospital and Care Home.
​Vehicle Activating Signs
​OCC had confirmed funding to install two vehicle activating signs for Worcester Road.
​Budget for 2015/16
​OCC were preparing their budget for 2015/16.

​Signage for Middle Row
​Cllr. Mrs. Biles had not heard back from OCC regarding signage for Middle Row.
​White Line Painting
​Cllr. Mrs. Biles was putting together a request to OCC to re-paint white lines in
​Chipping Norton and asked Town Councillors if they could let her know of any lines which ​required re-painting.
​Cllr. M. Tysoe and Cllr. Mrs. J. Graves stated that this had been covered at the latest Traffic ​Advisory meeting where committee members had stated which lines needed re-painting in ​the town.
6407​ – West Oxfordshire District Council
Cllr. G. Saul reported the following: –
C/N Golf Club planning application
WODC had granted planning permission for a hotel at the golf club.
Tree Preservation Order at Foxfield Court
WODC had granted a tree preservation order on the trees at Foxfield Court as this would provide a natural screen for the houses in Foxfield Court.
WODC Local Plan
WODC officers were reviewing the responses that came in from the latest consultation of their Local Plan.
OCC have questioned WODC on their strategic market housing assessment due to the numbers allocated for the area.
NAG group in Chipping Norton
Cllr. G. Saul had attended the latest Neighbourhood Action Group. The group were keen for new members to join them. The meetings take place once every three months.
Vulnerable Elderly People
The police had planned to visit the elderly in the area to protect them from door stop crime.
Cllr. Mrs. E. Coles reported that WODC would be holding an Environment meeting at the end of the month.
6408​ – Planning
​(a) Applications Received
Council decided to make the observations set out under the heading ‘comments’ on
Appendix A – 17th November 2014, planning applications 4083 – 4086.
​(c) Decisions
​ There were no WODC planning decisions at variance to the Town Council’s decisions to ​ report.
6409 – ​Town Clerk’s Report
​Council approved the following payments: –
(a) Imprest Account for September 2014: £7,234.35.
(b) General Account: Accounts for payment as at 17th November 2014: £13,691.17.
(c) Correspondence Received
Transport Request to new Doctor’s Surgeries
A letter had been received from the White House Surgery, C/N requesting assistance in providing transport for the people who would struggle to visit the new Health Centre at London Road, C/N.

The Town Councillors stated that the S3, Oxford bus stopped just outside the new site and at the moment there were no more plans for additional transport.
Recording of Meetings
It was reported that the public and media have a right to record meetings of the Council.
The Clerk must be notified that recording was to take place and this must not disrupt the meeting.
6410 – ​Traffic Advisory Committee
The Council received the minutes of the Traffic Advisory Committee meeting held on
15th October 2014.
6411 – ​Recreation Committee
​The Council received the minutes of the Recreation Committee meeting held on
​16th October 2014.
​Mr. M. Holland, WODC had told the Town Clerk that Section 106 money was available from ​the Penhurst development to supply and install outdoor gym equipment for older people.
6412​ – H & S Committee
​The Council received the minutes of the Health & Safety Committee meeting held on
​20th October 2014
6413​ – F & GP Committee
​The Council received the minutes of the F & GP Committee meeting held on
​23rd October 2014.
​It was agreed that the meeting would go into committee after item 6419 to discuss staff ​salaries.
6414 – ​Cemetery Committee
​The Council received the minutes of the Cemetery Committee meeting held on
​5th November 2014.
​The Cemetery Committee members had reviewed the Cemetery charges and had increased ​them slightly ready for use on 1st January 2015.
​The Town Councillors present approved of the increases in the Cemetery charges.
6415​ – CCTV
​Broadsword Security Services had quoted to supply and install two CCTV cameras with a ​monitoring station in the Town Hall Keepers office at a cost of £3230.00 with an annual ​maintenance cost of £101.00 plus VAT per annum.
​Broadsword had carried out a demonstration of the CCTV at the Town Hall to Town ​Councillors. The Town Councillors present were impressed with the quality of the ​pictures displayed on the equipment.
​Cllr. D. Davidson proposed and Cllr. Mrs. E. Coles seconded that Broadsword were to go ​ahead and install CCTV at the Town Hall.
​A vote was taken on the proposal of all in favour of installing CCTV at the Town Hall.
6416 – ​Charter Market
​Ron Spurs, WODC had met with the Town Clerk, Cllr. Mrs. J. Graves and Cllr. M. Jarratt to go ​through details of the possibility of CNTC taking on the running of the Charter Market in ​Chipping Norton.

​The Town Clerk explained to the Town Councillors present how much to market would raise ​per annum and the costs which would be incurred to take this project on. WODC would ​continue to clean the market area up each week as this was part of their duties and this ​would not be any cost to CNTC. The stall holders would be asked to take away their own ​rubbish at the end of the day.
​The Town Council agreed in principle of taking on the running of the Charter Market and ​would progress to enter into further discussion with WODC.
​WODC would need to advertise availability of running the Charter Market at Chipping ​Norton to allow anyone else interested to be considered before making any decisions.
​The Town Clerk was to enquire on insurance costs for this project.
6417 – ​Police Station
​There was nothing to report on the Police Station at the meeting.
6418 – ​Neighbourhood Plan
​Cllr. C. Butterworth stated that the CNNP draft plan was now complete. The recent consultation was to gather resident’s thoughts on the policies.
​The CNNP could only put policies into the plan which would actually be deliverable.
​The requests received to supply additional car parking could not go into the policies as this would not be deliverable by CNTC.
​CNNP would support other authorities to provide the extra car parking required in the town.
​WODC were to go through the policies for CNNP. This would delay the process by approximately twelve weeks.
​Cllr. Mrs. H. Biles had stated that she had been through the CNNP policies with OCC the other week. She expressed this was difficult as there was no mention of housing in the document.

​The Mayor reported that the Chadlington Downs Farm Design and Access Statement had been submitted to WODC. A hard copy of the Design and Access Statement was available for Town Councillors to read.
6419​ – Update from PCSO
​There were no police present at the meeting to update the Town Council on local issues.
​Cllr. Mrs. E. Coles had been in communication with PCSO Cheryl Harrison as there had been ​evidence of people taking a drug at New Street recreation ground.
​PCSO Cheryl Harrison had agreed to visit C/N School and speak to the Head Teacher and to ​the children in assembly on drug taking.

​At 8.10 pm the Council advised that in view of the nature of the business to be transacted ​it was advisable in the public interest that the public and press be excluded and they were ​requested to withdraw from the meeting.

​The meeting closed at 8.18 pm.



6413​F & GP Committee
​The Town Mayor explained that the staff had not received a pay rise for a few years.​Therefore the F & GP committee had reviewed the salaries at the meeting held on
​23rd October 2014 and had made a decision to increase the salaries as from
​1st December 2014.
​The increases were shown on the green sheet of the F & GP minutes dated
​23rd October 2014.

​Cllr. D. Davidson proposed and Cllr. M. Tysoe seconded approval of the tabled salary ​increase for the staff.
​A vote was taken of all in favour of the proposal.

Added on December 15th 2014